Shootin Putin Eliquid Launch

Shootin Putin Out Now !!!!

Shootin Putin – KGB Blueberry Blast & Passion Cake – After all the hard work they PUTIN getting the fake news fool into office, my people deserve to relax. A succulent blueberry and ripe passionfruit blast with crisp, heated New York cheesecake base. It hits the spot.

Shootin Putin – State Sanctioned Jam Biscuit – This state sanctioned Jam biscuit juice will give everyone an extra boost through the day, you will taste the fresh ripe strawberry & warm baked biscuit with brown sugar.

Shootin Putin – Oligarchs Orange Tart – Rich flavour for billionaire Oligarchs and tangerine faced US presidents! Taste the Valencia orange blended with golden brown tart finished with Demerara.

Shootin Putin – Kalashnikov COCO Ice – After riding on my horse and shooting some rounds with my AK-47 I cool down creating big COCO clouds with this juicy green coconut with a hint of fresh juicy limes and sweet vanilla.

Shootin Putin – Lemon Kremlin – After hard days graft, dealing with all the Lemons making the state visits and covering for our blonde friend with a phony tan from the states.  I really need this taste of tangy Sicilian lemon and fresh crispy meringue covered with icing sugar to get me through the day


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