Why choose Ineliquids for wholesale e-Liquid?

Vaping is a growing industry, one which we see expanding constantly as the number of smokers drops and the number of vapers increases. Vaping is ultimately popular and even amongst the nonsmokers in a pursuit to be a part of the latest craze of cloud chasing. At Ineliquids, we are constantly working to update our range of wholesale e-Liquid to bring you the best and most diverse vaping products you can imagine. Our company is well-established and known for its quirky e-liquid brands which are extremely popular with all vapers. If you would like to purchase wholesale e Liquids for your company, then here are some essential reasons why we would like you to check us out:

Delivery & Shipping –

We can make sure that you get your products in good time to be able to rack up your sales and fill your shelves with our fast delivery service. We offer free delivery for all wholesale e-Liquid purchases over £20 and we also provide a next day delivery service for £5.99 if you are in a rush to receive your items. Rest assured that they will all arrive as you intended with good quality packaging. If anything arrives not as you expected it to, just drop us an email and we will do whatever is necessary to make things right for you. We will always do our best to please and ensure that you have confidence in our products, manufactures and services.

Packaging and Brand labelling –

Taking packaging into account again, we want you to know that we are confident in saying that our labelling and brand packaging is of the highest quality and we maintain that throughout the stocking of all items. If you order a particular brand from us, you will receive the same brand in the same quality packaging each time. Our manufacturers are trusted and produce high-quality, full-colour labels which do not rub or run once opened by a client. This makes our products an excellent deal in terms of pricing – know that you are getting reliable, top quality products but for good wholesale discount prices. Our labels are CHIP Compliant and are in line with all current laws and regulations with tactile hazard warning stickers which are also provided on all our packaging for health and safety regulations.

Cheap, discounted –

Our stock is perfect for retail companies who are looking to buy large amounts of products for their shops and online stores. Wholesale is the best way to stock e-liquids in the growing competitive market. We like to make sure that you get the best deals when purchasing your products, therefore, we work hard to offer you the lowest prices possible to not only compete with other wholesale branding but to help you benefit from our services.

We understand that creating a business is difficult and starting off can be hard for everyone. Ineliquids wants you to be able to start off the right way by selling ample stock and earning a profit. We are here to help you do just that. Our rates are extremely reasonable which help you to buy more stock but to be able to sell it at a good price to earn a money back. Best of all, our product range is always in high demand because of the uniqueness to our inventory. You will find that our products are in high demand with the public and all our brands are well-known to consumers.

One of our best-selling products, named Trump-It, which is based on the US president in a comical, quirky manner is unique and flies off the shelves with its colourful, eye-catching packaging. The brand is well-known on social media and among reviewers so you can feel confident in the fact that despite being a relatively new brand, it is certainly finding its feet far faster than we anticipated. Besides, as with all new and popular brand, it has all the more reason to sell well because of the vaping audience’s inquisitive anticipation for trying new e-liquids. This witty brand was created by us so you can be sure that we will have it in stock and all your customers will love it. We take pride in our brands and do our utmost to make them the best.

Ingredients and quality assurance –

We stock only premium products with the best quality ingredients. We know the importance of having good quality products so that you will have returning customers to your stores and customers recognise that our supplies are of excellent quality with the highest VG and PG levels possible. All our flavours are tried and tested to make sure that they give you 100% great taste and 100% great vape. By testing the products before they are made available for you, we can ensure that you are getting exactly what you should expect. You can count on us for flavours that are bold and long-lasting. Our brands come in various nicotine grades so that you can suit any of your consumer needs depending on their preferred nicotine hit. We search high and low until we find the stock with the perfect ingredients and all the perfect components when creating our own brands to make them truly delicious. We want to make sure that we can provide you with whatever you are looking for in terms of product diversity. If you’re looking for a brand that we don’t stock or equally, if you have any suggestions for us and what you would like to see us stocking, just let us know and we will do our best for you.

If you are interested in purchasing our wholesale e-Liquid for your business or perhaps you’re thinking of starting a new business venture – call or email us now and we can help you find the best deals and not to mention the best wholesale e-Liquid products for your store and for your targeted audience. Ineliquids are here for you and the growing number of vapers out there. Trust us, it’s what we work hard for.